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Fall 2012

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ASK YOUR PROPARTNER Siding repainting tips; coating spec help Can you put latex solid stain on painted siding? Or do we need to stick with paint? –Shelley S. Rick Watson, Product Information The Sherwin- Williams Company To answer this question, we need to know what kind of paint was previously used to coat the sid- ing. If an alkyd (oil-based) paint was used, I would not recommend this approach. Can a latex stain be applied over latex painted siding? It could, but it's not ideal. Paint typically builds to a higher film that sits on the surface. Solid color stain is applied at a lower film and has a tendency to soak into the wood. Comparing the longevity of the two, paint will last longer. If longevity is the most important factor then painting would be the preferred option. We have old aluminum siding. Can it be painted? Aluminum siding can often be painted with a quality exterior acrylic paint. The key to successful- ly painting aluminum siding is the preparation. All chalk and other contaminants should be removed for proper adhesion of the coating. Power washing is a good option; however, power washing alone may not be good enough. Power wash- ing and simply scrubbing with a detergent and thoroughly rinsing would be the prescribed way to removing all contamination and chalking. When you are repainting aluminum siding that is slick or still has a sheen, a bonding primer may be used before top-coating to improve adhesion. In these cases, it's a good idea to test the adhesion before any painting is done. Does Sherwin- Williams work with specification writers, engineers or builders when they need coatings advice? sales representatives in the field working with contractors, archi- tects, builders and design firms. We also have around 50 dedicated architectural account execs/design account execs solely calling on ar- chitects, builders and designers. Plus we have 3,400 store locations that can provide local service and support to help ensure your speci- fications are met. Yes, we have more than 1,700 PPC Got a paint question? Email yours to: More project solutions at www.sherwin- 26 PPC Fall 2012

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