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Winter 2013

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PRODUCT FOCUS T ripleThreat New SherLastic 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating provides economic protection for commercial, multi-family and new residential jobs N EW SHERLASTIC 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating takes its place among Sherwin-Williams exceptional line of coatings for concrete and masonry surfaces. Excellent protection against wind-driven rain, alkali, and efflorescence at an affordable price make it a natural choice for three primary markets: Commercial properties: For a modest cost, SherLastic 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating lets commercial property owners protect their long-term investment from the assault of harsh weather. Multi-family projects: SherLastic is a great way to give fresh curb appeal to aging properties, while reducing the need for future repaints and higher maintenance costs. Multi-family maintenance crews and professional contractors will also appreciate SherLastic's abil- ity to hide hairline cracks – for better results in less time. New residential: New homes will look beautiful for years to come when protected by SherLastic 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating. It is particularly suited to new residential projects in regions where concrete or stucco construction materials are common in single-family developments. Protects against weather and efflorescence SherLastic has always been an economical choice for excellent protection against wind-driven rain and harsh weather conditions. Thanks to the flexibility of the new 100% Acrylic Elastomeric formula, it also helps bridge hairline cracks. When used as a topcoat over Loxon Masonry Conditioner or Loxon Concrete & Masonry Primer, new SherLastic 100% Acrylic

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