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Winter 2013

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COLOR 5 Color T rends for Multi C olor is key for your customers in the multi-family community segment. Creating a cohesive and visually pleasing experience from the outside to the inside helps in branding their property, leaving a lasting impression while attracting prospective residents. Renters today are looking for the whole package, preferring communities that read safe and inviting from the exterior, to engaging and fresh on the interior. Properties at every price point should have a distinct look and feel – from their website to their front door. Here are five current color trends for the multi-family community segment: Warm Accents Spice up common areas with Fired Brick SW 6348 or Reynard SW 6335. These flavorful accents make ideal selections for accent feature walls. Regional Color Trends You can help set your multi-family community exterior apart with color selections that are appropriate to the landscape, climate, building materials, architecture, history and culture of your region. 12 PPC Winter 2013 NORTHEAST. Patriotic and nautical inspired hues pay homage to America's heritage and northern seascapes. Pair deeper red, blue and green accents with softened shades of gray, tan, and gold. SOUTHEAST. More vibrant and saturated, sandy beiges, sunny yellows and oceanic blues exude a sense of warmth and charm.

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