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The Freedom Scale ■ ONE OF THE NATION'S LARGEST HOME BUILDERS, David Weekley Homes, has honored the Sherwin-Williams Company with its highly coveted "Partners of Choice" Award. The Partners of Choice Awards are presented to suppliers that receive the highest marks in a comprehensive evaluation program involving more than 600 David Weekley Homes team members from all levels of the organization. Sherwin-Williams is one of only eight suppliers receiving the single "A" award for achieving the highest ranking in service. Bill Justus, vice president of supply chain services for David Weekley Homes, implemented the supplier review platform in 2004 to ensure the highest level of homebuyer satisfaction. The program challenges all parties in the supply chain to deliver competitively priced products efficiently and consistently to the home builder. Anchored by a quarterly review of approximately 175 suppliers, the program analyzes supplier performance across diverse industries, facilitates feedback and recognizes truly outstanding achievers. "To attain this award, a supplier must be best in class – not just in producing products, but also in managing the channel – to ensure a seamless installation of products in our homes," Justus says. "You can't talk your way to a good score; it is hard-earned through a strong internal commitment and an investment of time and resources in the process. Partners such as SherwinWilliams understand this, and have achieved world-class service to our company through their actions." ✌ A guy in another field told How much do you trust your crew to make decisions on the job site? The first step, writes Daniel Schroeder in Small Business Times, is to identify the decisions that need to be made on the job. Second, identify the level of operating authority you attach to each decision, using what he calls a "Freedom Scale": Level 1: Wait until I tell you what to do. Level 2: Ask me what to do. Level 3: Recommend a course of action, which we will negotiate. Level 4: Act, but advise me. Level 5: Act on your own. As told to Professional Painting Contractor me one time: magazine by Juan F. Carcano, owner of Immaculate Painting & Construction, LLC in Galveston, Texas. Sometimes the best deal is the one you walk away from. This has helped me walk away from jobs that I thought I was going to get burned on or not make any money. PPC Fall 2013 25

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