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Summer 2014

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PPC SUMMER 2014 35 3 STRATEGIES TO USE WHEN YOU HAVE TO DELIVER WHEN YOU HAVE TO DELIVER BAD NEWS Can We Talk? LEADERSHIP B AD NEWS IS NO FUN TO DELIVER. That's why even distinguished leaders and otherwise success- ful people will go to great lengths to avoid doing it. "Delivering bad news is an essen- tial skill, even if it won't win you any popularity contests," says Geoffrey Tumlin, a leading business commu- nications consultant and author of the book Stop Talking, Start Com- municating: Counterintuitive Secrets to Success in Business and in Life. "Dealing with issues promptly and decisively can save you time, energy, and even money – not to mention all the mental anguish you feel while putting off a difficult conversation." Here are four things Tumlin says you need to bear in mind the next time you need to deliver a message that the other person won't want to hear: 1. Stick to your guns Think back to the tough conversa- tions you've had in the past: Have you ever been talked out of your decision by the other person ("But we've worked together for 15 years – you're not really letting me go, are you?") or even changed your mind before delivering the bad news (He's going to be so upset – I just can't go through with it)? "You don't do yourself or the other person any favors by putting

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